Whistleblower Wednesday – Inspector’s General & Defending the Rule of Law in our Republic

Welcome to a new (semi)regular series – Whistleblower Wednesday. I can hardly think of a better day to kick this one off. Truth is stranger than, well, any episode of The West Wing ever aired.

If there is a single non-political takeaway that is relevant to the audit/investigation community from the past few days, it’s that many, many, MANY people have no idea how the concept of whistleblowing and independent public investigative functions are supposed to work.

Rather than a long-winded exposition from me on the philosophical concepts of morality/ethics/freewill and the duty individuals have to protect organizational integrity, I’ll just share a link to one of my favorite websites, www.oversight.org, managed by the association of Inspectors General. COGIE have produced an outstanding free informational publication, Whistleblowing Works: How Inspectors General Respond to and Protect Whistleblowers that lays out all the basic principles. If you’re not familiar with it, I highly suggest downloading it and giving it a thorough review. If you ARE familiar with this world, but get frustrated trying to explain it to non-audit/investigative professionals, point them to this document.

Regardless of how this whole mess plays out politically, it’s clear that, once again, auditors and investigators are being called to defend the rule of law upon which our republic is based. Without that, we are just a kleptocracy on a long, slow, painful decline.

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